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I was born in Patras, Greece and I spent my childhood there. It's a city that I still visit and love.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Kozani, Greece. I then moved to Scotland in 2011
and proceeded to complete two MSc degrees from two Scottish universities.

I am currently in the middle of the 4th decade of my life,
residing in Athens, Greece with my wife,

after a 10-year stay in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I enjoy good food, discovering new viewpoints and visiting new places.

My travels are often the main source of inspiration for my work,
and ideas about characters, worlds and events in my books
often come to me when vistas and places change constantly through a train, bus or car window.

I do not like talking about myself much, being more of a listener and an observer of human relationships and reactions.

I believe my writing journey will be rewarding to people with inquisitive minds. My books may not always be up to everyone's liking, and I will not limit myself to a specific genre, but I will do my best to challenge my readers.

Thank you for being here. Your support is truly appreciated, and it is what keeps me going.



My journey with writing has been quite long and complex.

I have had periods of massive inspiration, separated by periods of writer's block.

I remember that I started writing song lyrics for a band I wanted to create, as early as 2002.
From then on I graduated to short stories and poems, which I began writing in 2006,
and most of them were published in my first short story and poem collection.

I write daily, and even if I don't write specifically for my books, I will make notes for future works and

I will definitely post (seriously or otherwise) on a few online communities I frequent.

I can't promise that everyone will like my books. We all evolve and change in our lifetimes. Even writers.

What I can promise is that my stories will have a reason behind them and I will do my best

to provide a unique reading experience in order to engage and challenge my readers.

I’m grateful to each and every one of you  that has taken the time, or will take the time, to read my work.

I truly appreciate it when my readers get in touch with me to share their opinions and reactions towards my books and characters. I value their thoughts and all feedback, because that is what makes me a better writer.

"For he who lives more lives than one,
more deaths than one must die."

Oscar Wilde

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