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CHTHON was created by my desire and decision to have the first word on the publication of my works and to not simply rely on publishing houses and other people for my books to be evaluated, assessed, and ultimately released.

It is a personal publishing house, which will only publish my projects, in the way I want them to be published.

With the creation of CHTHON, honesty, quality, aesthetics, the standard of the releases,

are at the forefront, as I am the only person responsible for the end result.

My literary integrity is also an important aspect of CHTHON. The reader will be spending their valuable time

and so they should get something from the process.

The stories should be of a certain level, the characters should have depth and be engaging, the end result should impress and excite.

I am writing the books I would want to read, and these books

will be published the way I would want to have them on my bookshelf.

As such, the releases of CHTHON will be special and important.

Publishing houses are encouraged and welcome to contact us, if they are interested

in releasing mass-market editions of existing CHTHON titles.

We are always open to collaborations.

List of releases:

  1. 978-1-9999690-0-4 – Psychorreon Pyr, hardcover (Currently Unavailable)

  2. 978-1-9999690-1-1 – Soulflowing Fire, hardcover (Currently Unavailable)

  3. 978-1-9999690-2-8 – Psychorreon Pyr, ebook (Available Soon)

  4. 978-1-9999690-3-5 – Soulflowing Fire, ebook (Available Soon)

  5. B07FF645RK – Soulflowing Fire, Amazon ebook

  6. 978-1-9999690-4-2 – Kata Daimona Eautou, ebook (Available Soon)

  7. 978-1-9999690-5-9 – True To One’s Own Daimon, ebook (Available Soon)

  8. 978-1-9999690-6-6 – Kata Daimona Eautou, hardcover (Currently Unavailable)

  9. 978-1-9999690-7-3 – True To One’s Own Daimon, hardcover (Currently Unavailable)

  10. B07KFS4WQC – True To One’s Own Daimon, Amazon ebook

  11. 978-1-9999690-8-0 – Soulflowing Fire, Amazon paperback

  12. 978-1-9999690-9-7 – True To One’s Own Daimon, Amazon paperback

The CHTHON logo was created by Kain Morgenmeer.

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