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An update

Hey everybody,

I am not sure who is reading this, but I just wanted to announce that after about a year, the English versions of my books are available on Amazon again.

The Greek versions are still unavailable. I have a couple of ideas in order to make them available to the Greek audience, but these may take a while to materialize.

The YouTube channel was also stopped about a year ago, but I am hoping that at some point I will start uploading more content from 'Soulflowing Fire' there.

Finally, my next book, 'No Prophet', is still happening. The Greek version has been ready since 2020, and a preliminary English translation has been completed. I am hoping to have both versions fully ready by the end of the summer. I may revisit the idea of searching for a real publisher until then, otherwise I will follow the Amazon route for the English version.

I'll try to keep you updated until then.

Thanks very much for your time and support; speak to you again soon!

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