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This is the original ‘Prometheus’ that Kain Morgenmeer ( @kainmorgenmeer ) created for the release of the poem collection ‘Kata Daimona Eautou’ (or ‘True To One’s Own Daimon’ as I decided to translate it to English). If I remember correctly this is one of the three illustrations I had originally contacted him about, the other two being the ‘Sigil of Saravugul’ and ‘Through Fire And Iron’.

I believe the symbolism is very clear, so I will not go in much detail; a flaming heart above one’s head, sword and torch in both hands, the ouroboros referring to eternity or the eternal return, all within the context of Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’. It is a great cover in terms of symbolism, and one of Kain’s best creations so far.

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