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‘Soulflowing Fire’ has been released!

Hello everyone,

‘Soulflowing Fire’ (or ‘Ψυχορρέον Πυρ’ in Greek) was released earlier today, on July 3rd, 2018.

Both Greek and English language versions are now available to purchase on Lulu.

The English ebook version is already available on iBooks, AmazonKindle, Kobo and Nook.

The Greek ebook version is unfortunately only available through Lulu at the moment, as they do not currently review content for books which are not in the English language. As a result they will be unable to distribute it themselves on the aforementioned platforms. I will be reviewing all of my options in the future however, to release it on a  platform more accessible to the Greek audience.

The hardcover versions of the books are currently available through Lulu. The English hardcover version has been submitted for worldwide retail distribution so it should be more accessible through other websites in the future, but unfortunately the Greek hardcover has been denied worldwide retail distribution due to similar reasons outlined above regarding the Greek ebook. Just like with the ebook, I will be reviewing all the options I have for a physical release too.

The hardcover versions are a little more expensive, but that is because they are sturdy and need to be printed. They should appeal to people who want to have the book on their bookshelf.

I hope you will all enjoy the book, if you choose to get it and read it.

Please speak to other people about it and review it wherever you want.

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