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The Sigil of Saravugul

This is the Sigil of Saravugul, made again by Kain Morgenmeer, used in one of the stories in ‘Soulflowing Fire’. Saravugul is an important character in the ‘Otherworld’ series, but I will not discuss him just now; his time will come. The Sigil appears on a teleporter Ghidorrak uses to travel to an otherworldly place on one of his travels, and Kain did an excellent job creating a demon-like Sigil, as if taken from a grimoire, like the Key of Solomon, and incorporated the Greek letter Σ, the triangle and the sign of infinity. The second picture shows his various attempts and the versions he showed me before I decided on one; I am uploading this to show what a diligent artist he is and how seriously he takes what he does.

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