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‘True To One’s Own Daimon’

I’ve not spoken a lot about ‘Kata Daimona Eautou’, but that’s because it’s a very personal piece of writing that does not necessarily reflect exactly who I am now but reflects who I was; hence I respect it, because my present is because of my past. Poetry is inherently internal, and it is written predominantly for one’s self, and secondarily dedicated to other people or places or moments of life. But it is the poet’s feelings that precipitate and perpetuate and create, a play of words, or feelings, or regrets.

My poetry does not always rhyme, but that’s because I always thought it is songs that are supposed to rhyme, not thoughts or feelings. My poetry is much like my writing, evoking pictures in the readers’ minds, creating a memory that lasts, conjuring the feeling of lasting power and might, against the river of life, time and decay. Most of these poems were written during periods of descending to Hades, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post; gazing inside the chthonic fire to discover myself, as my Daimons all around me console me, accuse me, seduce me, fail me, inspire me, point at me and dance macabrely.

At this point, I will also admit to something else; when plagued by doubts about myself and my actions, I go back to these poems, these internal and personal songs, to remember how I’ve overcome doubts of the past, and for my Daimon to remind me of who I am.

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