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‘True To One’s Own Daimon’ has been released!

Hello again,

‘Kata Daimona Eautou’ (‘True To One’s Own Daimon’ in English) was released yesterday, via Lulu and Amazon.

The Greek edition is still only available through Lulu (as they do not distribute books in other languages other than English), but the English version is readily available through both stores and even more bookstores and online stores, as soon as it is approved for retail distribution within the next few days.

‘True To One’s Own Daimon’ is a collection of poems that were written in parallel with the stories included in ‘Soulflowing Fire’. They contain the same essence that is inside the stories, if not more of it, as they are much more personal writings. The two releases complement each other and ideally should be read together.

I will also be running some giveaways on Goodreads soon, so keep an eye on the website for more information soon.

As before, I hope you will all enjoy the book, if you choose to get it and read it.

Please speak to other people about it and review it wherever you want.

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