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‘Wolf in the Storm’

And here’s a beauty, an idea I’ve had since 2005/2006. It’s titled ‘Wolf in the Storm’. Kain Morgenmeer (@kainmorgenmeer) helped bring it to life, and it’s one of his most detailed illustrations to date. The amount of detail is simply phenomenal, and the illustration is even more awe-inspiring from up close. Again, it is all up for interpretation, but to me, it is a way to look at getting out of one’s comfort zone. That’s the simplest way to describe it, and it’s not poetic obviously.

The white wolf represents any person out there, white being the symbol of purity. The top of the mountain where the wolf stands, along with the known forest underneath is the wolf’s domain, where it feels comfortable. The vortex can represent anything; doubts, uncertainty about the dark future, anything that can change the current state of mind the wolf’s in. Lots of my stories and poems have common themes; this vortex is also a throwback to the vortex from ‘Apotheosis’, posted a few days ago.

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